Diagnosis of IPF – Part 1

IPF diagnosis

IPF diagnosis

If IPF is suspected, diagnosis can be challenging but a multidisciplinary approach involving a pulmonologist, radiologist and pathologist expert in intestinal lung disease has been shown to improve the accuracy of IPF diagnosis.


In 2011, new simplified and updated criteria for the diagnosis and management of IPF were published by the ATS, ERS together with the Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS) and Latin American Thoracic Association (ALTA).

Currently, a diagnosis of IPF requires: Exclusive of known cases of ILD, e.g. domestic and occupational environmental exposure, connecting tissue disorders or drug exposure/toxicity.

The presence of a typical radiological UIP pattern on HRCT.

In the right clinical setting, it is possible to make the diagnosis of IPF by HRCT alone, obviating the need for surgical lung biopsy.

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