Patient : Mr. Ravindra Paigude

The patient was suffering urinary tract tuberculosis and kidney failure. The patient was on dialysis thrice a week. According to the report, patient’s sr creatinin was 19 and urea was 256 and HB was 6.5 gms.

When patient started the treatment of Modern Homoeopathy there was an improvement observed in the functioning of his kidney. The swelling of body was also decreased. Vomiting, generalized weaknesses, acidity, no feeling of eating such complaints were reduced. Recovery in patient’s health immunity was increased and no. of dialysis which he had to do were also reduced.

Within 10 months of treatment of Modern Homoeopathy dialysis was totally stopped. Patient’s reports were also normalized.

The sr creat - 0.8
Urea - 40
HB - 12

Now the patient is living a healthy life without dialysis.

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