Signs & Symptoms of IPF

Signs & Symptoms of IPF

Signs & Symptoms of IPF

Mostly the patient is over 50 years age.

The patient is having dry non productive cough.

Progressive exertional dyspnoea is seen.

Dry inspiratory bibasilar in ‘Velcro’ like crackers on auscultation is head in the patient. (A crackling in the lungs during inhalation during similar to Velcro being torn apart slowly that is heard with stethoscope)

Clubbing of digits, a disfigurement of the finger tips or toes is seen in IPF patients.

Abnormal pulmonary function test results, with evidence of restrictions & impaired gas exchange is seen in the IPF patient.

Symptoms are seen due to chronic oxygen deficiency in blood in IPF patients.

IPF patient with unexplained chronic exertional dyspnoea with cough, crackles, finger clubbing.

Cause of the IPF is mostly unknown, cigarette smoking & viral infection.

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