Structure & Development Of Adenoid

Structure & Development Of Adenoid

Structure & Development Of Adenoid


The adenoid has pseudostratified epithelium. The adenoid is often removed along with the palatine tonsils.


Adenoids develop from a subepithelial infiltration of lymphocytes after the 16th week of embryonic life.

They are part of Waldeyer Ring of Lymphnoid tissue which includes the palatine tonsils and the lingual tonsils.

After birth, enlargement begins and continues until aged 5 to 7 years. Symptomatic enlargement between 18-24 months of age is not uncommon meaning that snoring, nasal airway obstruction and obstructed breathing may occur during sleep.

The establishment of the upper respiratory tract is initiated at birth.

Species of bacteria such as lactobacilli anaerobic streptococci, actinomycosis, Fusobacterium species and Nocardia are normally present by 6 months of age. Normal flora found in the adenoids consists of alpha-hemolytic streptococci and entercocci.

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