Balkrishna Masekar a known c/o Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure

Patients Name : Mr. Balkrishna Masekar.

Age : 58.

Address : Belgaum.

Disease : A diagnosed c/o Diabetic Neuropathy causing both Kidney’s Failure.

At the time of consultation in Modern Homeopathy, patient was on dialysis for 2 months & has been advised dialysis twice in a week by well-known Nephrologists.

With the help of Modern Homeopathies medicines the span between 2 dialysis increased & within 3-4 months, the dialysis was completely stopped.

Inspite of having Diabetic Nephrotic Kidney Failure, with the help of Modern Homeopath’s medicines, for last 5 year’s patient has not taken a single dialysis & living a healthy & normal life without dialysis.