Diseases Curable with Modern Homeopathy

Cancer Curable with Modern Homeopathy

CancerAbnormal growth in body cells defines a Cancer. India has more than three million cancer patients. Cancer is the chronic disease. Tobacco, smoking, overexposing to the Sun, natural and artificial radiation, asbestos, hazardous work places, viruses etc. can produce 200 types of cancers. Over diet can also cause some cancers. Consumption of high fatty and lacks of fruit, vegetables and fiber in the diet are likely to develop stomach, bowel, lung, prostate and uterus type cancers.

The appropriate doses according to the standard principles of homoeopathic posology (least quantity of doses), homoeopathic treatment of cancer can be a highly effective pathy for all kinds and stages of cancer, tumor, leukemia. Homoeopathy gives great relief from harmful side effects of conventional treatment. It puts control on cells count. Doses are administered according to the patient’s biological history and present condition. With no side effects, homoeopathic cancer treatment rewards quality life and longer survival.