Kidney Failure Cases Cured by Modern Homeopathy

Patient : Mr. Shirish Powar, Age : 65 years, Sex : MaleKidney Failure Case Study

From 2010, The patient was suffering from high BP, for years he took medication. Their was continuous swelling on feet & vertigo, this symptoms were seen. In 2011, they did screening from bangalore and it was screen both his kidneys were damaged. Their was loss of protein from urine and creatinine was also increased. Lots of steroids was used in the treatment because of which, The patient had lots of swelling, body ache. This symptoms were increasing day by day.

He underwent operation of kidney and as its side effect their was Gangrene developed at urine site. Again he underwent operation but their was no relief. He was hospitalized in ICU in very serious condition, he cannot stand or sit of his own. He was in sleeping position only. All doctors have gave up hopes.

In 2014, They stated the treatment of MODERN HOMEOPATHY and within 3 months their was better changes in patients. His swelling got reduced, he could walk of his own. The protein loss from urine was stopped. They have stopped the medication of MODERN HOMEOPATHEY since 1 year, still according to 2017 all reports are normal. He could do all his work. Mr Powar is living normal and happy life without any medications.

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Patient : Mr. Ramesh Londhe, Age : 42 years, Sex : MaleKidney Failure Case Study

In June 2016 the patient was suffering from nausea, vomiting pain in abdomen, does not feel like eating. They took treatment but their was no relief. They did all medical check up and according to that the left kidney was damaged to 35 to 40%. According to July 2016 repoet his HB was 6.4, creatinine- 8.5 and urea was 155. Nephrologist told them that his both kidney's was damaged. BP was raised.

He was hospitalized and weekly 2 dialysis was done. This process continues for 9 months and still their was no relief. His health was getting detorated. Nephrologist suggested for kidney transplant as the last option.

In August 2016 they started the treatment of MODERN HOMEOPATHY, within one month their was good improvement in patient, all his symptoms were stopped. According to recent reports his HB was 14.2, creatinine was 2.9, blood urea was 72. From March 2017 his dialysis has been stopped totally. Their is no need for transplant and patient was living normal life with the treatment of Modern Homeopathy.

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Patient : Mast. Vaishnav Vhaval, Age : 2 years, Sex : MaleKidney Failure Case Study

In May 2015, when Vaishnav was in womb of his mother, according to sonography report their was swelling on kidney and urinary bladder. Doctors have suggested that his kidney was not able work, after the delivery they were suggested for operation. After Vaishnav was born and according to 5th day sonography report, their was swelling on kidney and urinary bladder.

The baby could not urinate and find it difficult to pass the urine, the abdomen was getting large in size, he was getting continuously infected with UTI(Urinary Track Infection) and due to this he was getting high grade fever. According to doctors, he has to undergo 4 operation and all has suggested as same as last option.

In oct 2015, they visited Modern Homeopathy and Dr Vijaykumar Mane gave them accurance that he will cured Vaishnav without operation, they started the treatment and within one month they could see the change in Vaishnav. He could urinate properly and their was no fullness of abdomen, the urinary infection was totally reduced and their was no fever.

Their was improvement in his health and his weight was also increasing. According to recent reports their was more than 80 percent improvement in his kidney funtioning. Now like other childern Vaishnav could play and with treatment of Modern Homeopathy Vaishnav is living healthy and normal life.

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Patient : Mr. Adinath Shete, Age : 75 years, Sex : MaleKidney Failure Case Study

In 2010,the patient was suffering from Haematuria i.e. Blood in urine, difficulty while urinating, irrelevant talks. Than they consulted the Neurological doctor, he told them that brain is functioning properly, but kidney is hampered.

They started the treatment and after operation the stent was put, but their was no improvement. His creatinine has reached 3.7 mgl and his HB was 9 which was considerably low,the patient was in unconcious state and their was no relief.

In 2012 they started the treatment of Modern Homeopathy, within few days their was recovery in him, he started coming in conscious state of mind. Haematuria was stopped and all other symtoms too, HB was normal.

According to May 2017 reports the creatine was 1.42 mgl and urea was 37.4. since 2 years they have stop the medication of Modern homeopathy and he is living normal and happy life without any side effects and operation.

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Patient : Mr. Shrinivas Desai, Age : 46 years, Sex : MaleKidney Failure Case Study

A case diagnosed as Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. During first consultation at Modern Homoeopathy clinic reports are: HB was 9.8, Blood urea was 88, Serum Creatinine was 3.7 and his Doppler report showed Right Kidney - 8.2x 3.7 cms and Left Kidney - 7.9 x 3.5 cms. He had Psoriasis all over his body.

After taking treatment from Modern Homoeopathy his reports showed improvement. Reports dated 18/3/2011 showed Hb 11.3, Blood urea 82, Serum Creatinine 2.4, Serum Potassium 4.5

There was further improvement and his reports dated 5/1/2012 showed Hb 11.1, Blood urea 66, Serum creatinine 2.5. Than after since 2013, his Psoriasis was gone. Reports dated 24/1/2013 showed Blood urea 43, Serum creatinine 1.9 and HB 9.3

His latest reports are as follows : Blood urea 41, Serum creatinine 2.1, Serum potassium 4.9, Serum calcium - 7.9. Now patient is symptom free and can do all his daily work. He is still under treatment. For more details with reports visit below link

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Patient : Mr. Rian Papal, Age : 7 years, Sex : MaleKidney Failure Case Study

Patient Rian, a 7 years old child suffred with KIDNEY problems. Cortical Scarring and Mild Hydronephrosis disappeared totally and the size of Kidney also increased

He was suffering from High Grade Vesicoureteric Reflux. After treatment of MODERN HOMEOPATHY it is reversed totally with normal Renal Functioning. This is how Homeopathic Treatment reverses Pathology. For more details with reports visit below link

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Patient : Mr. Balkrishna Masekar, Sex : Male Kidney Failure Case Study

Because of diabetic neuropathy in Dec 2009, the patient landed up into kidney failure state. The patient had to do dialysis twice a week and it had to be continued throughout the life time. The advice was given by Nephrologist doctors. Initially for the couple of months the patient was on dialysis. After that the patient started treatment of Modern Homoeopathy. The result was so quick that the interval between consecutive dialysis was reduced and within 3 to 4 months, the dialysis process was completely stopped.

Since 5 years, the patient has been not done any kind of dialysis in spite of having diabetic nephropathic kidney failures. The patient is living healthy and normal life without dialysis.

Patient : Mr. Ravindra Paigude, Sex : Male Kidney Failure Case Study

The patient was suffering urinary tract tuberculosis and kidney failure. The patient was on dialysis thrice a week. According to the report, patient’s sr creatinine was 19 and urea was 256 and HB was 6.5 gms.

When patient started the treatment of Modern Homoeopathy there was an improvement observed in the functioning of his kidney. The swelling of body was also decreased. Vomiting, generalized weaknesses, acidity, no feeling of eating such complaints were reduced. Recovery in patient’s health immunity was increased and no. of dialysis which he had to do were also redused.

Within 10 months of treatment of Modern Homoeopathy dialysis was totally stopped. Patient’s reports were also normalized.

The sr creat - 0.8
Urea - 40
HB - 12

Now the patient is living a healthy life without dialysis.

Patient : Mr. Pratik Patil, Sex : Male Kidney Failure Case Study

This boy was diagnosed of Nephritic Syndrome. There were swelling throughout the body and there was no feeling of Eating. Loss of proteins from urine were seen. There was swelling all over the body that the patient could not open his eyes. According to the present medical knowhow there is no permanent cure for the nephrotic syndrome. Only steroids are used in the treatment. Steroids hamper organs of body. Immunity disturbs. It also gives rise to cold, cough, and fever like symptoms. When patient started using the medicine of Modern Homoeopathy, the swelling of body was reduced. The symptoms like fever, cough and cold were also diminished. The medicine of modern homoeopathy ended the patient from having steroids. There was no loss of proteins from urine. Thus, the patient is cured and living a healthy life.

Patient : Mr. Bhausaheb Nevrekar, Sex : Male Kidney Failure Case Study

The patient was diagnosed of kidney failure in 2006. Till 2010, the patient was taking ayurvedic and unani treatments. To follow such treatments, the patient had to get admitted in the hospital. According to nephrologists of Pune, the patient was advised to go for dialysis. There is no permanent cure for kidney failure in allopath. There are only two options available - one is dialysis and other is kidney transplant which was quite expensive.

The sr creatinine was 4.3 and the urea was 65 before starting the treatment of Modern Homoeopathy.

When patient started taking medicine of Modern Homoeopathy his sr creatinine was 2.1 and urea was 50 and HB 13.5 and now the patient is living his life happily.

Patient : Mr. Sachin Tapkire, Sex : Male Kidney Failure Case Study

This patient was diagnosed of Gout and Nephrotic syndrome. The patient IGA report was +ve. In biopsy report, there was a diagnosis of kidney failure. The patient was advised for dialysis or kidney transplant by famous nephrologists. The patient was on steroids with loss of HB. Urea, Sr Creatinine was abnormal. There was a loss of proteins from urine. When the patient started Modern Homoeopathy treatment, loss of proteins from urine was prevented. His HB level got increased. Urea, serum and creatinine level were normalized. From 3rd month, the intake of steroids was stopped. The patient does not underwent any kind of complicated and expensive surgery because of Modern Homoeopathy’s result oriented treatment. The ongoing dialyses were also stopped.

Date 23 Feb 12 20 July 12 22 Sep 12 11 Jan 14 15 Feb 14 24 Apr 14
HB 8 8.6 9 9.8 10.6 11.4
Sr Urea 52 48 47 45 22 20
Sr Creat 1.47 1.39 1.36 1.2 1.01 1.00
24 hrs Urine Protein 4450 gms 766 gms 320gms 351 gms 280 gms 135 gms

After 19 years of research by Modern Homoeopathy, its curative line of treatment is like a miracle for kidney patients. This is an enabled, successful and accomplished line of treatment.